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A Hint of Blood in the Air - Riding the Beast
I'm not sure how far back I started thinking about this ritual, around the beginning of the year probably.  As soon as I started seeing '06 the idea popped into my head that exactly once this millenium would the date 6/6/6 occur, and I should do something special to mark the occasion.  What form exactly that would take didn't become clear until a couple months before hand when the idea occured that this date would be one that would generate an unreasonable amount of fear among the sheeple at large.

The thought of all that unharnessed energy running around spurred me to try to tap into it somehow and use it to power an aeonic shift.  The current devolution of man, particularly in our society, is something I find especially sickening.  My prior experience with the Beast led me to believe that this repressed carnal energy, properly manifest, could do a great deal to reverse or at least slow this trend.  It seemed perfectly fitting to use the superstituous fear of the Beast to power its atavistic resurgence as an effective archetype operating on the collective unconscious.  Power is power and once empowered, I felt the energized egregore/archetype/whathaveyou could act with its own Will to manifest changes in accordance with its nature on a spiritual, mental, and eventually physical levels.  I imagined it would start by creating inspiration in those already aligned with its current and create a spreading ripple effect from there.  But honestly I didn't really know what would happen once the archetype was empowered and I didn't want to too closely try to direct it, but let the energy play out by following the path of least resistance.

While I figured there would be plenty of generalized fear around the date, I wanted to fan the flames to see if I couldn't spark a real widespread panic.  Christians are a pretty panicky bunch to begin with, and have a superstitious fixation on dates, so I figured there was a lot of ripe territory to work with.  I remebered just how many charlatans had latched onto the year 2000 in predicting the End of the World and the Second Coming based on nothing more than the supposed 2000th anniversary of Jesus birth.  I was hoping something like 6/6/6 could generate a real stampede of terror, and I wanted every joule of psychic energy I could get to channel into empowering this aeonic change.  With enough juice I was guessing I might see some clear and rapid results.

I had the idea to use propaganda to spread the fear meme, coupled with a sigil which would spread virally in the collective unconscious gathering fear energy to be harvested later.  I quickly realized that this was too big for one man.  If successful, I could end up tapping into some very primal fear that has existed for thousands of years and which would be active in all the world's Christian population.  Even a tiny spark of fear multiplied by 2 Billion people could be more energy than I wanted to try to channel alone.  So I started putting together a cadre of satanists to work together to this goal.

I sent out invitations to friends and aquaintences who I felt were on the Path and could handle the energy.  I am not currently part of a coven, so all the participants would be geographically distant which presented some unique challenges but also offered some benefits in wider propaganda distribution.  The actual energetics are fairly simple, collect energy, channel energy into pre-existing archetype.  The complication comes in making sure all the energy collected and channeled by various participants gets to the same place.  What I didn't want was to fracture the energy.  If everyone was working in harmony, I felt there could be the same kind of synergistic effect that results from a properly performed group working, even though the group was dispersed.

Given the nature of the situation, I felt a scripted ritual would be counter-productive.  It would be hard enough to try to get everyone on the same page energetically without trying to get everyone to agree on a script.  So I left the specifics of the ritual to the individual participants, while making sure we were all aligned on the intent and timing of the ritual.  I was especially hard nosed on the intent and made everyone vote on the wording, because I didn't want any ad-libbing on this part.  The intent is the most important part of any ritual; execution is ancillary.

I was hoping everyone would be fired up enough to take some initiative and pull together as a group to accomplish the many mundane details, but the lion's share of the work fell on me.  I wrote the intent, created the sigil, and put together the propaganda.  The ritual was to be broken up into two parts.  The charging of the sigil and the release of energy.  The statement of intent for the charging was:

"To consecrate this sigil as a vessel capable of storing great
quantities of energy.

Furthermore to cast this vessel into the stream of fearful energy that
swirls around the symbols "666" and "The Great Beast", that it may unite
with this energy current, absorbing it and containing it completely,
that it should be made as a sanctified offering to the Beast 666."

And for the release:

"to feed the Beast 666 our harvested energy, to the end that it should
be empowered thereby to exert a greater effect on humanity, enlightening
the minds of men, to do battle with the moral despots of the
hypocritical monotheists, diminishing the sway of superstition, tyrrany,
and moral absolutism, bringing man back to the old pagan ways of
rationality, freedom, and personal ethos."

Here is the propaganda created:

This was not a formal ritual in the sense that it was pre-scripted.  There were 4 participants, and each performed an individual ritual.  When I speak of the ritual below, I am referring to the ritual that I personally performed alone.  I don't at this point know the specifics of how the others directed and manifested the energy.  This ritual was highly experimental in it's operation and it remains to be seen what kind of results will be generated.
Beast Flyer
Spanish Beast Flyer
Christians being the intended target, I wanted to emulate thier own internal propaganda as much as possible to make the meme more palatable.  The sigil is recessed into the background to escape conscious attention and operate on a purely subconscious level.  Thus the message at a conscious level is "Be afraid", while the message at the subconscious level is "This is what you are afraid of".  The idea was that once the sigil had penetrated a critical mass of minds, it would begin to spread on its own to others who had not been directly exposed, via the "100th monkey" effect.  Honestly, I'm not sure this happened.

I was already starting to get concerned a few weeks out because the general mood of the country didn't seem well disposed to the operation.  Ranting preachers weren't being given air time, professional apocalyptic paranoia pushers weren't being interviewed.  The mood was altogether too complacent.  The only ones pushing the date 6/6/6 were using it as a marketing ploy to sell movie tickets and books.  The expected tidal wave of hysteria was but a trickle.

One week prior, I released the flyers into the wild; posting links to them on various satanic groups with a brief explanation of the purpose of the ritual and an invitation to distribute them far and wide.  I was intending to harness the pseudo-satanists and wannabes who would want to be part of a cool "serious" magical working without real effort, though I didn't discount the possibility of persons feeling a real calling.  I estimate the flyers were downloaded 200 times, significantly broadening the distribution potential.  I was hoping to get international exposure, hence the translation.  But the translation also worked well locally due to a large hispanic population.

On 6/3 we did the initial charging and local flyer distribution.  This is where the first problems began to manifest.  For starters I totally spaced on the time and started half an hour after everyone else.  I painted the sigil on my chest as the physical representation of an astral sigil I built with my mind.  Despite the timing issue, this felt fairly solid.  It was all done with visualization and concentration.  The astral sigil felt like a giant vacuum waiting to be filled, but the connection with the physical sigil was weak for some reason.

For distribution I posted around 150 flyers on churches around town, hitting as broad an area as possible to maximize exposure.  The next day I blast faxed more to around 100 churches nationwide.  That night I dreamt of a pool that wouldn't hold water, and woke up to find the sigil on my chest had partially rubbed off.  I was now glad there was little connection between the physical and astral.  This would end up being a recurring problem.  Based on the advice of one of the others I used nail polish to paint the sigil, but it kept flaking off and I kept reapplying.  Then I switched to marker, but that sweated off rapidly.  Eventually I said fuck it, the intent is what matters and it is not yet my intent to release the energy.

On the evening of the 6th, I went out to a secluded wooded area and began calling up the Beast.  I started by medititating on the Lust card, transitioned into invocation of Leviathan and Rahab conjoining into Chevya, the Beast, while masturbating.  There was a definate energy present, at one point feeling like it was physically touching me.  I felt strong, powerful, and in tune with the nature around me.  I joyfully merged with the energy I had invoked and let it fill me, uttering Chevya at climax.  I then ritually "destroyed" the sigil to release the energy, channelling it into the Beast I had just invoked (evoked?).  There was a definate energy rush when the sigil was destroyed.  On my way home seemingly every traffic light for several miles had been knocked out for no apparent reason as there was no weather to speak of.  The invocation seems to have had that much of an effect at least, which gives me hope that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I hadn't been expecting much and it was nice to see some objective results so soon.  In addition, during the ritual a woman who would become my lover emailed me.  She later demonstrated many of the classical signs of a succubus and I had to rid myself of her.  That her appearance is related to the working I have no doubt, but what is in question is whether she was invoked directly or merely a weak spirit attracted to the manifesting of dark energies not properly controlled.  I tend towards the latter.

As for long term results, I will be keeping my eyes open, but I may never actually see the changes that come about.  Being lower power it will neccessarily have to be more subtle and slower.  It may manifest entirely in ways that are hidden.  Who knows?  I am sharing all this with the hope that those who recognize the potential for this kind of magic to truly reshape the world will learn from my mistakes, be inspired by my moderate success, and advance this magickal Art even further.

Hail the Risen Beast!

ADDENDUM: 6/6/7  Now that a full year has passed since the initial working, I thought it time to do a review and see what sorts of results have been generated so far.  Attributing specific events to a working of this nature is certainly ambiguous and impossible to be completely certain of, but there are a few events which I feel this working may have had a significant direct influence on, due to the nature and timing of the events.

Mark Foley scandal - This was a major event in American politics and had a huge impact on the mid-term Congressional elections, guaranteeing a Democrat win and a shift in the ultra-conservative mood of the nation.  This shows very clearly how a single event can change the course of history, ie The Butterfly Effect in the world of politics.  The intent of the ritual was to empower the Beast to do battle against the forces of hypocrisy and it is hard to get more hypocritical than a vocal and active champion of exploited children who exploits the children in his office.  While the timing of the scandal had a lot to do with the far reaching effects and the timing almost certainly had to do with mundane poltical intrigue, I get the sense that the Beast had some hand in this also, possibly motivating the informant or providing the evidence to be leaked.  The results of this speak for themselves and while the Democrats are far from esousing the "old pagan ways" the upset this has caused the Republican moralizers has most definately shifted the US in a positive direction.

Ted Haggard scandal - Another slimy hypocrite took a major fall at nearly the same time as Foley.  The timing of these two together really put a dent in the agenda of conservatives and is too good to be mere co-incidence.  The effects of this scandal are not as obvious as Foley.  Certainly it contributed to a loss of faith in conservative leaders in general and low conservative turnout in the election.  In the long term it will hopefully result in a loss of power for large religious organizations like the National Association of Evangelicals, which he headed.  The story of Haggard's exposure is very interesting and full of coincidences.  His prostitute happened to have saved some voicemails and just happened to discover Haggard's identity a "few months prior".  His rationale for the exposure is especially telling.  He didn't do it for fame, blackmail, or money but because Haggard was "a hypocrite" and supporting a ban on gay marriage.  Short of Haggard's accuser telling the world he was contacted by the Beast 666 in a vision, this is as close to smoking gun as we are likely to see.  The coincidences suggest magical forces behind the scenes and the timing and motive strongly suggest the Beast at work.

Josť Luis De Jesus Miranda - This guy is truly a piece of work.  I mean he blows my mind.  That a man claiming to be the Antichrist with a 666 tatoo can amass such a huge following espousing such obviously satanic tenets such as "there is no sin" is amazing.  The fact that he does it all under the guise of a psuedo-xtian church is even better; I mean the most delicious irony.  Now his followers are disrupting xtians events and desecrating churches.  Can this get any better?    Keep an eye on this guy, this may be going somewhere.  There is no real evidence to link him with the Beast working.  His "church" was founded in the 80's but has been getting big only in the last few years.  I just have a feeling about this.  He exploded onto the national news in 2006 as the "666 preacher" which got me wondering.  Maybe the Beast is helping him out, or maybe he is riding some other magical current but he's clearly onto something.

All in all, not a bad crop for what amounts to a botched working.  To be certain, most of the results will never make it onto the national news and will be impossible to discern, but even if this is all that ever comes of this working, I will consider it a splendid success.  And yet I don't think the Beast is quite done.  There was a fuckload of energy released that night and all of this is only trickles.  I will be watching for future developments.