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A Hint of Blood in the Air - Riding the Beast

[ring 3]
Hecate, Hecate, Hecate, thee I invoke three times thrice, 1
Under the Witch Moon Waning, on the Eve of the Dead.
Upon the Three Roads Crossing 2
Here on the Road between Life and Death,
Opon the Twilight Between Worlds,
In the Time Between Times,

[ring 3]
Hecate, Hecate, Hecate, I call thy name,
age has not weakened thee but given strength
age has not dulled thee but sharpened and wisened
age had not sapped thee but ripened thy potency deeper

I am in need of strength of  wisdom's vision, to see past my youthful follies
I am in need of the tempering of experience, which is ripening of the soul,
I am in need of the potency of death, which is freedom from illusion.

[ring 3]
Hecate, Hecate, Hecate,
I bring the offerings of Earth and Air, in Thy Honor 3
I mark my brow with the Water of Life, to grant my passage into the Underworld. 4
I unite the divided, in Thy Name, to bring light into darkness, and spirit into matter

Queen of Witches and Vampires,
She who walks in both worlds.
She who holds the key to the Gates of Tartarus,
and the faith of its guardian, Cerberus
Aged timeless years beyond the Veil of Death,
Goddess of the Triple Moon, Maid, Mother, Crone,
who draws, measures, and cuts the thread of man's life, 5
who weilds the torch that lights the way for the souls of the dead.
who dances the dance of creation and dissolution,
Goddess of the eternal sky, who is born, dies, and is reborn in the earth.
Bless these seeds of the earth, that they may give the Sacred Delerium of the Oracle of Wisdom.
Bless this earth hallowed by the dead, possessed of the potency of life out of death 6
Bless this Seeker of Truth, searching for the Key to Mystery Eternal beyond the Veil of Perception and the Darkness of Time.

Shabbathai 7

This ritual is very traditional and formal and may look something like what medieval witches would have done.  Though it incorporates aspects from many styles and traditions, it is fundamentally a form of witchcraft.  It draws upon the Greek myths of Hecate and thier practices of sorcery also, especially in the specific herbs and incense chosen, as well as the other items on the altar.
1  Hecate is associated with the number 9, especially when expressed as groups of 3.

2  Hecate is traditionally invoked upon the crossing of 3 roads.  In this case they were figurative rather than literal.  They were the graveyard itself, the magical night of Samhain, and the time of midnight.

3  Incense and food offerings for the dead.

4  Blood

5  While not specifically associated with the 3 fates or Moirai in Greek mythology, I intuitively associate her with them.

6  I was asking her blessing on graveyard dust and poppy seeds, both strongly associated with Hecate.

7  The greeting of the sphere of Binah.