These are only the rituals I have written that are already in electronic format. I may at some point in the future feel like transcribing the rest.

I have (obviously) been heavily influenced by Golden Dawn style ceremonial magic, as that is what I started out with. I have, however, found myself moving away from that rigid form to a more shamanic approach focused on attaining trance states through physical activity.

2004 All images have been shamelessly ripped off of other sites, and thier copyrights belong to whoever I stole them from. If you happen to be someone I pirated artwork from, I assure you plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.
A Hint of Blood in the Air - Riding the Beast
The Rituals
This is one of my early GD stylings. It was an attempt to merge the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, while including the Enochian elements of the various Temple Openings. I later realized there was already a ritual very similar to this in the big, black GD book. It is still an original ritual in my mind.
A variation of the above ritual, same energy, different names. I currently use it as one of my daily rituals.

This is an invocation of Samael & Lilith conjoined that I wrote over a period of several months. It was performed on Summer Solstice (June 23) of 2001, by myself and some of my closest friends at my house in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. It has yet to be repeated.
I am currently in the process of revising the original Rite of the Lilith/Samael, changing its focus and means. All based on my prior experiences, and hopefully promising to deliver even better results.

This is an invocation of Hecate I performed in a small rural cemetary at midnight on Samhain '04.  It follows a more traditional Witchcraft formula, and incorporates a Feast of the Dead, traditionally performed by the Celts on Samhain to honor the shades.
This is an invocation to Saturn I performed at the beginning of my Saturn return in July 17 of '05, the very day Saturn transited into Leo.  It is fairly informal and only loosely based on CM.
Invocation of my Holy Guardian Angel.